Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinspiration Day 16 - Christina

  • Pinspiration by natjones1124 on Polyvore
  • furberry (def: fake-burberry) scarf - some street vendor in Paris in 2004
  • cranberry shirt - J.Crew Factory
  • black draped pencil skirt - Talbots
  • leopard flats - Target
I loved the look of the bold necklace on the bright shirt but didn't have the right kind of necklace so I opted to make a necklace out of my scarf.  The great thing is that I unwrapped it and furled it around my shoulders while waiting at the bus this morning since it was so windy, and it kept me warm.  If you want some ideas for other, unconventional ways to wear a scarf, check out this video.

I was too lazy to dry my hair this morning wanted to try something different with my hair, so I pulled it into a high bun with a cranberry ribbon for a touch of whimsy.  A little childish but it made me happy and I didn't have any client meetings today.  I had thought it was higher on my head but the pictures reveal that it had fallen throughout the day.  Yet another benefit of doing this challenge - learning that what you think you look like isn't what shows in reality.

Off to catch the shuttle and the metro to DC for grad school tonight.  I always laugh at the pins I see with Starbucks in the photos but that will be me tonight since class goes until 9 pm and the Starbucks is right in the lobby!  Too bad I can't get a red drink to go with my outfit.  Will have to settle for a peppermint hot chocolate since peppermint is red, right?