Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pinspiration Day 15 - Christina

This is Monday's outfit.  I forgot to take a picture until I got to the gym.  At least I did remember before I changed, otherwise I would have had to post my workout attire, LOL.

  • Pinspiration from Fashionista Trends
  • Green cowl neck sweater top - Macy's
  • Black pants - Travelsmith
  • Black patent flats - Stuart Weitzman
  • Green charm pendant necklace - some kiosk at the mall
  • silver bangle - left at an AGD party I supervised and no one claimed it from lost and found
  • silver charm bracelet - Tiffany's
I liked the bright greens paired with the black in this picture and I think it worked out well for a business attire look.  I rarely wear pants but I think that has more to do with finding a good fit then a dislike of them in general.  Add that to the list of things to shop strategically for.  These are stretchy so they fit well and they are fantastic for travel because they don't wrinkle, fold small, and can be washed and dried in the bathroom overnight if they need a refresh.

I did some work on polishing my jewelry this weekend and was excited to use the bracelets now that they are shiny again.  This polish came recommended from my office mate and worked really well.  It even comes with a sponge to use.  Always be sure to read instructions on polish and make sure it is compatible with your jewelry.  I saw lots of "homemade jewelry cleaner" on pinterest but that method of cleaning can often turn your sterling silver black.  If you have nice jewelry, it is worth spending $5-6 for a guaranteed cleaner.