Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pinspiration Day 14 - Rebecca

Another busy day, and two outfits!
So Sunday we got up early to go to church with my parents and this is what I wore. I wouldn't necessarily say its a fail, but not as cute as I would like to be. I think the dress is too short and better worn as a shirt. Or maybe I need heels or something...

Dress: BBPD
Tights: Target
Shoes: Payless

I've also noticed that tights tend to make my tummy look like its pooching out (or maybe just is from not exercising enough). If I'm gonna wear tights, I think I'll try to do better about making sure they aren't so obvious.

The second outfit of the day was definitely not pinspired. But we got to go ziplining!! My dad decided that for his 58th birthday he wanted to try ziplining, so my mom found a LivingSocial Deal for ZipNTime in Helen, GA and we had a blast. I wore jeans and layers in case it got cold, but it was really the perfect day for it! Everyone had a great time, even my mom who I had to push off the platform a couple times because she wouldn't jump on her own. The best was the 1/2 mile zip that was just incredible. Would definitely do it again, I'm actually super intrigued by the night ziplining. Anyone wanna join?