Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinspiration Day 12 - Christina

Friday was cold and dreary in the DC area so I went for something cozy that would work with my winter boots since I needed the extra coverage at the bus stop but wanted to switch to flats at the office.

  • Pinspiration from SweetLaundry Blog
  • Black wrap sweater - hand me up from my sister Katie (maybe Ann Taylor Loft?)
  • Grey wool mini - J.Crew Factory
  • black sheer tights - Target
  • Oversize pearl necklace on black ribbon - gift from my sister-daughter in the sorority
  • pearl stud earrings
  • fake Chanel purse - some kiosk in Beijing
  • black quilted flats - Macy's
I like the proportions in the inspiration with the oversize sweater and the mini skirt, but didn't have a long sweater and didn't want my skirt to be that short at work, even with tights.  

How do girls wear skirts that short in every day life?  I get the always bend from the knees bit but I feel like if I leaned over to get a pencil this pinspiration would be showing off everything!  Do you not bend over?  Do you not really have a butt when you are that thin so there isn't much to show when you bend?  I sit on the bus/metro daily and with skirts that short there isn't much any fabric covering your rear when you sit and that is uncomfortable gross on public transit.