Friday, October 12, 2012

Pinspiration Day 11 - Stephanie

Yesterday was a practice in versatility.  I had a networking event for Mentor Jackets which I needed to be decidedly more business casual-y than I usually am at Home Depot (I wear jeans to work about 50% of the time).  Admittedly, I have worn this outfit before, so I am not going to go super in depth.

The Pinspiration has an Italian flair that I really liked with the basic black dress and boxy suit jacket (very Coco Channel if you ask me).  I paired a basic black sheath dress with my tweed suit jacket.  I was able to take the jacket off at work to keep it more casual, and put the jacket on for my event.

This is not a super exciting outfit, but it is definitely really sharp.  Side note: I really need a hair cut; I am looking shaggy.
  • Dress (came with belt) - LOFT
  • Jacket - INC for Macys
  • Shoes - Nine West
  • Necklace - LOFT