Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinspiration Day 10 - Stephanie

I am exhausted.  I play softball every Tuesday so it is almost always a pretty late night for me.  Yesterday was no exception.  I got home close to 11 and didn’t make it to bed until around 1:30.  On top of that it is going to be a really long day at work coupled with a stir event at the end of the day.

The name of the game today is comfort.  I really liked the airiness of the Pinspiration photo.  Unfortunately, I think something was lost in the translation.  The boxy-ness of the shirt combined with where it is hitting my hip completely obscures my waist and makes me look a lot wider than I am.  I did tuck the shirt in and am much happier with the look.

Lesson of the day: blousy without a defined waist is not my friend.  On the upside, I did meet the comfort requirement.
  • Tie neck blouse - LOFT
  • Jeans - Gap
  • Pumps - Ivanka Trump
Look out for another post for today with my date night outfit.