Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinspiration Day 10 - Katie

I love this pin.  I love this outfit.  I love these skirts (I own four, in different colors).  I love everything about what I wore today.

I saw this pin and knew I had to wear it this week!  I have all the pieces and it works with my style, while still being work-appropriate -- a little brightness in the skirt, but balanced well with the neutrals I typically end up in.  I think the best thing about my business-casual office (style-wise) is that if I keep my pieces pretty basic, I can play with some color.  And I've been trying to do just that lately.

I went very literal with today's outfit.  Purple pencil skirt (Target)?  Check.  Chambray shirt (Target)?  Check.  Black blazer?  Hope a cardigan (Target) counts!  This entire outfit is actually by Target, with the exception of my shoes (Nine West) and watch (Timex).  The belt, added at the last second, is actually an army-green color (again, Target) that I think helps define my waist when I wear a cardigan over a skirt like this that isn't high-waisted enough to hit my actual waist.  I really loved this outfit and will definitely wear it again, as it matches up pretty well with my "uniform."  But I really think I do need to invest in a proper black blazer, I'm on a hunt for one short enough to wear with skirts while still looking good with jeans and pants.  Add that to the list of outerwear that I need to be looking for!