Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinspiration Day 10 - Christina

Knowing I wanted to try to work in accessories more, today I picked a pinspiration with the accessories built in.

  • Pinspiration
  • pink blouse - Banana Republic
  • teal bubble necklace - One of those facebook deals you see people claiming (only $12!!)
  • grey shetland wool skirt - Talbots
  • black patent flats - Stuart Weitzman
  • coral cuff - Ann Taylor Loft (I was a long time ago)
I love the pink and turquoise combo and would not have tried the pairing on my own.  The blouse looks more orange in my photo but its a strawberry pink in person.  I also struggled, like Rebecca, with a cute pose.  This pose isn't very flattering now that I see it, with my hand pulling on the skirt instead of casually hooked in the pockets (which is what I was going for).

I loved hearing how y'all store your jewelry and your personal philosophy on what to put on in a hurry.  I tried to incorporate it this morning but I managed to pick up and promptly break two pieces of jewelry this morning!  The elastic on a beaded bracelet was apparently so old it just snapped as soon as I tried to put it on.  And my pink pearl earrings broke away from the studs when I went to put them on.  Double fail!  But it also showed me that I really don't use most of my jewelry - I go to the same 5 or 6 pieces - so much so that they are falling into disrepair and I don't even know it!  I plan on spending some time this week to organize, clean, polish, and repair so that I can start using it all more often.



PS - Old Navy 30% off deal!  For those of you not on a shopping hiatus this month, Old Navy is offering 30% in stores Oct 12-14 if you use this coupon.