Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinspiration Day 1 - Rebecca

It is a horribly grey and rainy day today, so my outfit was planned for such. Rain means boots for me :)

Pinspiration is from Wendy's Lookbook, I loved the simplicity of the outfit. My look is not as polished, but oh so comfortable for a rainy day.

Necklaces: I used all of my gold/pearl ones, mostly consignment, a couple made by me
Shirt: From husband's closet (Pretty sure its from Target)
Belt: Target (I think)
Capris: From Tug practices
Boots: Target

Style-wise, I don't think that the outfit turned out like I wanted it to. Maybe its my husband's size (his shirt is huge on me) and the way I tucked it (felt like being back in uniform for high school) or just the outfit in general. I really wish I had added some color somehow, but didn't actually like the colored belts I tried with it. I even tried one version with my own shirt ----->, but it just didn't seem flattering.

So in general, super super comfy and perfect for a rainy day, but don't think I got the style right...