Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinspiration Day 1 - Rebecca

It is a horribly grey and rainy day today, so my outfit was planned for such. Rain means boots for me :)

Pinspiration is from Wendy's Lookbook, I loved the simplicity of the outfit. My look is not as polished, but oh so comfortable for a rainy day.

Necklaces: I used all of my gold/pearl ones, mostly consignment, a couple made by me
Shirt: From husband's closet (Pretty sure its from Target)
Belt: Target (I think)
Capris: From Tug practices
Boots: Target

Style-wise, I don't think that the outfit turned out like I wanted it to. Maybe its my husband's size (his shirt is huge on me) and the way I tucked it (felt like being back in uniform for high school) or just the outfit in general. I really wish I had added some color somehow, but didn't actually like the colored belts I tried with it. I even tried one version with my own shirt ----->, but it just didn't seem flattering.

So in general, super super comfy and perfect for a rainy day, but don't think I got the style right...


  1. One of the things I think is missing is the effortless look of the inspiration photo. I think if you unroll the sleeves so they go past the elbow, and untuck the shirt (using the belt to give it shape) that might help get the easy feel.

    Otherwise, try it with a slouchy tunic or sweater for next time.

    1. Just went to the bathroom and tried your suggestions, looks better, probably better for casual Fridays...

  2. This is not meant to be a bad thing at all, but you totally look like a pirate in your 2nd picture in your own shirt! All you need is a sash and a sword! Potential Halloween costume?