Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinspiration Day 1 - Katie

I work in a business-casual environment, with a little more emphasis on "business" most days.  If I had a work uniform, it’d be pencil skirt / blouse / cardigan / heels.  Nearly.  Every.  Single.  Day.  I mix it up with a few pairs of cropped pants, a dress here and there, and most Fridays I pull out my trouser jeans, but I am most likely to be found in my “uniform.”  Good thing I like it.  My favorite accessories are skinny belts and statement necklaces.  I love my watches and feel naked without one on – I even have one to wear while working out.  My wardrobe is currently in a bit of a transition with a lot of pieces coming from stores like Target, the Gap family, and LOFT.

It’s raining in Atlanta.  If I could, I’d roll into work in yoga pants, a tank top and sneakers because who wants to get dressed up in the rain?  I’d rather nap when it is raining, thankyouverymuch.  Alas, my office is not nearly that casual so I’m taking a cue from this lovely rainy-day get-up -- I can do cropped pants and a classic trench.

I originally tried nude pumps, but ended up switching out for black peep-toes – it just looked a bit better to me.  Black cropped pants and coral cardigan (Target), blue button-up shirt (Gap), black peep-toe heels (Anne Klein), and topping it off with a trench coat (Brooks Brothers).  My standard accessories were all I wore with this, a pair of pearl studs and a two-tone watch, by Michael Kors.  This was the first time I've done this sweater with this shirt and I liked the color combination a lot -- I wish the lighting had been better to capture it!  If I could make any changes to this outfit, I’d deal with the wrinkles in my trench – but how does one iron a raincoat?