Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out to lunch with the girls - Theresa

Goodness, now you have me accessorizing too - or trying to. I realize that I do not have many long necklaces (only one in fact and it was not the right color for this outfit). I really liked the natural stone necklace but it didn't fall right with this shirt. So I took a bracelet I had that was similar in color and attached it to the necklace, making it the longer length I desired. And my hair covers the bracelet part up for the most part. I just realized that you can't see the necklace in the first picture so here it is:
I wore my comfy brown stretch pants with low top boots to dress them up. The teal tank top shirt (Acorn brand) is also stretchy and comfortable and gives me the pop of color.  I tried several belts with the outfit, but none looked right. I think the shirt might be too short to wear a belt with it.  The jacket was OK - it looks a little big in the shoulders (I've had it a long time). The scarf might have been a little too much but I loved the purse with it. My girlfriends who I had lunch with thought it looked good (or they were just being nice) What do you think?