Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Learning about computer postings and fashion by Theresa

OK, please be patient with me while I learn how to post. Rebecca is being a mean daughter but a great teacher by making me post things myself instead of doing it for me. Today being Wednesday, it is the day that Rebecca and I walk before she goes to work. We had fun this morning after our walk, taking pictures on the swings and slide at the Norcross Park playground.
  For my walking outfit, I wore my favorite casual brown pants (I also wear them as dress up pants too with boots or nicer shoes). They are Lucy brand – stretchy and comfortable (I think that comfortable is my qualifier for most of my clothes nowadays). I chose the brown scarf I wore the other day, trying to loop it like you girls did in your photos. I found a tan long sleeve Tshirt (similar to the ones Rebecca got at Sams) tucked in the back of my closet that I didn’t remember having (it’s a Mossimo). I added the red sweater jacket for color and warmth, although halfway through the walk, it had to come off. I know I said I don’t usually wear red, but this jacket is one of my favorites for cooler weather as it is so soft and warm and it has a hood. If I rolled up the sleeves and put on nicer shoes and straightened my hair and got rid of the belly roll, I think I could look a lot like this pinspiration picture. (in my dreams!)