Friday, October 5, 2012

Pinspiration Day 5 - Rebecca

Going camping this weekend, so excited and all packed with pinspired outfits!

This outfit is so casual and comfortable, perfect for casual fridays at work and for traveling to get to the campsite tonight. The black seemed boring with this beautiful scarf, so went with something more colorful.

Shirt: Eddie Bauer via Sams (so comfy and fit well, only $10)
Pashmina Scarf: Great matron-of-honor gift from Christina
Jeans: Goodwill
Boots: Dunno, they were a gift from Isaac :)

As you guys can tell from nearly all the posts, I am a thrifty (and sometimes cheap) shopper. I have a hard time spending lots of money on clothes that I will wear through quickly anyway and don't always fit properly. I bought 6 of the shirts at Sams in different colors because they fit so well.

The pants I bought intentionally short and then cut off the rest so they actually are just below the top of my boot. My dancing legs always have problems fitting into boots and adding pants that are tucked into the boot have been an issue in the past. I love the dark wash on them though!

So in general loving this outfit. Keeps me warm in my cold office and hopefully warm at the campsite!

I'll probably post tomorrow's and Sunday's outfits on Sunday, so until then, enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Theresa O'Donnell (Mom)October 5, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    Great idea about cutting off the jeans to wear with boots - I could do this with pants that have gotten too short for me. I might go get some of those T's for me too, but the weather will have to get much colder for me to wear long sleeves. I don't have the "can't buy anything for 31 days" rule since I am not officially doing this. ;) I am having so much fun seeing yours and the other girls' outfits. You are all so creative and inspiring.

    1. You definitely could do it, I did it this morning :) One day you won't be warm all of the time!

  2. You look amazing in this photo! I am going to try doing some of mine outdoors from now on!

    Glad you are enjoying the pashmina. You might have to wash it after smoke from the campfire and I recommend you hand it up to air dry. Mine have held up really well for the past 10 years by doing that.

    1. Thanks, it really did turn out well! Got Isaac to take it, and he's not there everyday, so hopefully I can find a way to do it on my own!

      I'm loving the pashmina, I'll definitely make sure to wash it after the campfire!