Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another try at fashion from Theresa (Mom)

  This was inspired from Stephanie's and Christina's posts about wearing scarves and from all of you and your use of colors. I have this beautiful scarf that a friend gave to me as a gift, but I do not really know how to wear it except how I have it.  I guess I need instructions from Katie too on scarf tying. Anyway, I have worn it before with a brown shirt (BBPD) and khaki pants, but decided to wear it with jeans tonight (bought at BBPD). I then decided to add the pop of purple color that Rebecca and Stephanie and Katie added to their outfits. I used a purple light weight sweater than I got at BBPD. I like the look. I just had black slip on shoes on (Grasshoppers). . It would have looked good with boots too.
  One thing I have not figured out is how to take good pictures with my timer on the camera. I couldn't get camera to get all of me.