Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitchen Renovation: Part 2

So our kitchen is coming along amazingly! When I returned from Wine Club, I came home to find this...
We do own a step ladder...

Then Saturday my dad agreed to help us with wiring (and Mommy was awesome and kept us fed!). We spent about an half an hour figuring out what all the lights and outlets in our house were connected to which breakers and deciding that our house is crazy! There are random breakers that we don't think go to anything! 
My dad was amazing and was able to move the 220 from our oven to the opposite wall, add 2 outlets and help us figure out a bit of the wiring. 
^ That's my Daddy, wearing a sweatshirt while its 80 out... ^
(Messy basement workshop)

And with an hour to spare before our St. Patricks day party, we ended up with this!! Cabinets along the right wall all installed, new outlets for the fridge and microwave, and a working stove (that was done relatively early in the day).

Here are some of the girls in green! I forgot to take pictures once the party really got going...
Rainbow fruit tray!
Oreo truffles, brought by Rebecca!
Next time I'll take more pictures of the process and of the parties!

Next steps: 
-Paint the cabinets that have been installed
-Empty all the cabinets that need to be removed
-Start filling the new cabinets!

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