Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jars & Shelving Completed!

After quite a bit a of time, I've finally made the time and completed my jar shelving! I had filled them quite a while ago and had been using them all the time, but I had just been using masking tape to label them! Luckily, Isaac's friend Nick helped me cut some labels on Chalkboard contact paper I bought. I gave him a general idea of what design I wanted, and he went with it!

The final step, actually finding chalk, turned out to be a job for Isaac and he got me chalk for Christmas!

And here is the final result.

 Nick happily made us two different size labels, one for the smaller jars and one for the larger. I even have some extras I hoping to use later for other projects :)

The only issue I didn't consider before was that the smallest jars are all round with not flat area for the label, so the labels weren't adhering properly. I had to make a couple strategic cuts so that they would lay flat on the jars.

I'm so pleased with the result. Even though sometimes I accidentally wipe off the chalk (oops), they are so much fun to have! I decided to leave labels off some things (like pasta, rice, etc) that were easy to figure out what they were. Just to give a little contrast. They are also a perfect place for some of my experiments, like Vanilla Sugar!

Stay tuned for more kitchen updates!

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