Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Built-in Shelving in the Kitchen!

For the past week, our kitchen has looked like this...

And last night we got to go shopping at Ikea, and we returned home with a wonderful selection of jars! 

All because of this...

 A beautiful built-in shelving unit that Isaac built me for my birthday! Its meant to hold lots of baking goods and jars and spices to free up room in our cabinets and countertops! I'm so excited!

I was very inspired by this but it was a bit too small for what I needed.
From Tidbits

 I even got up at 5am with Isaac this morning to add the first coat of paint! (See shiny paint picture below)
I'm very excited because this is going to allow me to do another craft project in the future.
Something very similar to this: 
From Pinterest 
Update: Apparently I didn't explain these well. They are chalkboard labels! You can either paint them on with chalkboard paint and a stencil, or you can buy chalkboard label paper and cut out the label shapes! Either way, that would allow the jars to switch out what is stored in them!

So soon, these jars will look wonderful! And Isaac will be able to find the flour (apparently I don't label things well...)

Stay tuned for more on this project and other kitchen updates!

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