Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to make a Sewing Kit in a Jar

I'm getting super excited about our sewing event this weekend and can't wait to to make another dress! I do have lots of tidbits to bring with me though, so I found a super cute way to make a Sewing Kit in a Jar!

Things you'll need:
Mason Jar 
Scrap of Fabric
Hot Glue

First start by cutting out your fabric for the top. You need to make it about 1 inch bigger than the top.
Cut out your fabric, turn the lid over, and add the fabric to the lid.
Add the batting,
Then add the bottom of the lid.  It ends up being pretty tight this way.
Next super glue it so that its tight,
And now its all done!

Add everything that you need (buttons, needles, pins, thread, sewing machine feet, bobbins, tape measure, etc).

Total Cost: 
Mason Jar $2.21 + everything extra lying around ~ $2.50

 Now you are ready for sewing on the go! Hooray!

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