Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Lanterns

I thoroughly enjoyed our party last Friday and was so pleased that the weather held so we could enjoy being outside and enjoy our fun new lanterns! Here is how I made them..

All you need is:
-A SLOM Ikea Jar (went for the small ones, or really any jar with a clear lid)
-A small solar pathway lamp (we got the $2 ones at Target, I did research and those were the cheapest I found)
-Frosted Glass Spray Paint (from Home Depot)
-Epoxy (I've had it forever, I think I got it at Home Depot)

Step 1: Remove Lids
The lids will come off. Right at the hinge you can pinch the metal to pull it off. This is helpful because you can finish the lids while the spray is drying.

Step 2: Spray the inside of jar (not the lid!)
Make sure to do the inside and try to do it evenly. Let it dry (it only needs 10 minutes)

Below is what happens if you first try spraying the outside and the rain washes of the spray paint!

Step 3: Take apart the lamps
The lamps were cheap and easily came apart. Also be sure to remove the tab for the battery...otherwise you will wonder why they won't light up after being in the sun all day.

Step 4: Mix epoxy and apply
You will need to do this quickly. The epoxy dries fast once it is mixed. Be sure to mix it on something you can throw away, like a paper plate and using a toothpick.

I don't know if you can tell, but I added it to all 4 sides of the panel, on the metal. I didn't want to block the sunlight to the panel or damage anything.

Step 5: Attach Lights to Jar Lid
Press firmly and allow it to dry.

Step 6: After everything dries, reattach Lid to Jar
Both the spray paint and epoxy took about 10 minutes to dry then I put them back together.

Step 7: Put jars in sunny place to charge
Since the lid is clear and has not been sprayed, it will take in all the light. I knew our vegetable bed got lots of light, so I put them there.

Step 8: Use them to decorate! (Updated 5/18/11 with picture)
I'm horrible and didn't take any pictures of them on the porch, but They turned out perfectly! They don't really give off a whole lot of light, but it does give it a nice ambiance. I can also see using them as lighting along our front walkway too!

Remove Lids
Spray Inside of Jar (not lid)
Take Apart the Lamps
Mix and Apply the Epoxy
Attach the lights to lid
Reattach lid to jar
Put them in a sunny place to charge
Use them to decorate!

Cost Online: $29.99
Moon Jar Solar Light - Blue
Cost Per Jar $5.50
Jar: $2.99 per Jar
Lamp: $2 per Lamp
Epoxy: Free (well I had it before)
Spray Paint: $8 for all 12

I made mine for almost $25 Less!! Hooray!

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