Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to start...

I love to do things myself. I'm stubborn and independent (luckily something Isaac knows) and I don't like when people tell me I can't do something. I also love being able to say I did something myself.

I also hate spending money. I had so much saved from birthday money when I turned 16 that I could make a pretty substantial down payment on my Ford Explorer.

So especially after I bought the house that Isaac and I live in in 2008, I
definitely caught the DIY bug. I've tried everything! I stripped the paint off a huge mantle in the basement and re-stained it myself (not my best work but I'm learning). I had a piece of furniture that my mom had gotten from one of the storage units she bought that I turned into my china cabinet by painting it green and adding mirrors to the back (I'm definitely reconsidering the green right now). We made the bridesmaids dresses for our wedding (thank you to all the girls for being so patient with that!) I made my own jewelry for our wedding and the jewelry that my bridesmaids wore.

But its not just DIY I learned with owning a house. I definitely started to live more frugally after that. I got laid off once (luckily while having roommates) and lived without any roommates for the 5 months leading up to our wedding. Currently Isaac's work is on and off, so we are mostly living on my salary but its just another exciting challenge. How can we still have friends over and do the things we want to without going over our budget? Where can we cut and where can we splurge? How can we still do date nights and buy GT football tickets and travel without having to go into debt?

I love DIY and being frugal so much that I decided to blog about it. Hopefully everyone will enjoy my adventures and trials and even failures. Hooray!