Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Make a Lightbulb Terrarium

So in the last post, I showed you how to hollow out your light bulb. Now that you have done that, I can show you how to make a mini terrarium out of it.

You start with your hollowed out lightbulb, some charcoal (Isaac had been burning some sticks in the back yard so I just stole some from there), some soil (from a pot where the plant died), some moss from the yard, a bottle cap, and some spray paint.

If the bottle cap is not the color you want, spray it first. It will dry while you are doing everything else!
First you add the charcoal to the bulb, just 1/2" high (this retains moisture and keeps it from smelling). Then add some soil to right about the level you want your plant to be. Be careful adding everything because there is still sharp glass in the bulb (I used a pencil to poke stuff in).
Next add the moss. I just rolled mine up and pushed it in with the pencil. You don't need to bury the moss or even attach it to the soil, its moss and can live pretty well in little soil.
Finally you have all your moss in and its starting to look good!

Add a bit of water to the bulb, I only added about 1/2 oz because the soil was already pretty wet.

Set the bulb on the bottle cap and you've got a cute nerdy terrarium for your desk! Admire your handiwork and appreciate how this got you out of helping your husband with yard work :) Hooray!