Thursday, August 17, 2017

Butterbeer Ice Cream

DragonCon Countdown: 15 days!

Ok this is not officially for DragonCon, but getting into the spirit of all things nerdy. Sometimes on Thursdays at my work, I bring in homemade ice cream. I love making it for work because that means I get to try many different kinds of ice cream without it sitting in my freezer at home tempting me!

So this week I'm trying a Butterbeer ice cream recipe adapted from In Literature. Here are the steps I took, but feel free to take a quicker path if you would like.


  • 1 bottle Samuel Adams Boston Ale
  • 2.5 tbsp butter
  • ⅓ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • ¾ cup white sugar
  • 6 egg yolks

1. Decide to make Butterbeer Ice cream. Realize that you have no English Pale Ales and that you need to go to the liquor store. This is Tuesday but you don't make there then.

2. Wednesday afternoon realize that you don't have beer still and make a run to the liquor store while your mom watches the kids. Ask the guy at the store if they have any "English Pale Ale" and he Googles it on his phone and finds that Samuel Adams Boston Ale qualifies (I didn't even know they made an ale!)

3. Get home and start the recipe only to realize you have no butter and not enough eggs to double the recipe as you normally do.

4. Make a trip to Target for butter and eggs.

5. Start recipe by completely ignoring the instructions. Pour in all the beer at once with butter and brown sugar and simmer it down on medium heat because you are bringing this into work and it's beer...

6. Do not add pumpkin spice to recipe because beer+cinnamon=gross (IMO)

7. Whip up egg yolks til pale, then add heavy cream and sugar and add it to beer mixture to make the custard (FYI: all the best ice creams are really custards). Stir constantly until it coats the back of a spoon. Save egg whites for later to make these amazing meringues.

8. Stick custard in ice bath in the sink because you need it to cool down quickly and it is getting late and you still need to run it through the ice cream maker so it can freeze well overnight. While cooling, start writing the blog post about making the ice cream.

9. Pour the custard into the ice cream makers (if you have an amazing co-worker who lets you have his, then you will have 2 and can make double batches!)

10. Freeze overnight and put a note on the front door to remind yourself to bring the ice cream into work the next day!

11. Enjoy the ice cream with your adoring fans co-workers!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kaylee's Shorts

DragonCon Countdown: 16 days!!

Just this year, I finally watched Firefly. I had been reluctant to watch it because I knew it was supposed to be good, and it was so short. I did love it, and was so disappointed there wasn't more. I did watch the movie Serenity afterwards, and hated it (Eh, it just makes me angry to think about it!).

While most of the outfits in the show were pretty simple, I loved the dress Kaylee wore, and at one point considered making it for DragonCon, but decided that would be insanely ambitious. But I did find this awesome fabric on Spoonflower and thought it would work well for shorts! Spoonflower had a sale on Fat Quarters so I bought 2 fat quarters of the fabric in a canvas style to make the shorts.

Yes, Sir Cap   

Again, I attempted to make my own pattern by copying a pair of shorts that I own that fit me well. I cut the patterns a bit large just make sure I didn't make any mistakes, but it actually worked out well!

I used the lining from the jacket I cut up for Scarlet Witch to make the pockets. Made them a bit bigger than the pockets on my own shorts because it's always nice to have bigger pockets :) I found a zipper that was similar in color to the fabric and because I already have experience with zippers for the rocking chair I made for Rebecca, found it very simple to add it. 

Because I made the short patterns a bit bigger to begin with, at first there seemed to be a huge gap around my legs. I quickly took in the seam between the legs and that fixed it all!!

I was getting so close to finishing the pants and slowly running out of fabric! I then decided to use the fabric from the jacket to make the lining of the hem folds because it was a very similar texture!! Finally I had a finished pair of shorts!! I'm so happy with the finished product! I can't believe I made shorts. They are a bit stiff, but I'm pretty sure a run through the wash with fabric softener will make them perfect! So excited to wear these around, especially during DragonCon and maybe meet Jewel Staite!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Clever Girl Velociraptor Shirt

DragonCon Countdown: 27 days!

When I found out about Spoonflower several months ago, I dreamed of creating some fabric of my own, especially something secretly nerdy. I am a huge fan of Jurassic park, and with all the floral/tropical patterns out, I thought I could create a pattern with ferns with a Velociraptor hiding in it.

I decided to once again go with a raglan shirt from my t-shirt pattern, and use the print on the sleeves. The t-shirt pattern is set so that the front and back collar are the same, but then I cut the neckline on the front to the size I want it. 

Quick classy black tee with hidden velociraptors! Yay!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Finishing up Olivia's Supergirl

DragonCon Countdown: 18 days!!

I have been searching for Red boots for Olivia for weeks and just couldn't find the right ones. At Goodwill, most of the boots were rainboots which seemed uncomfortable for walking around. Online, I could purchase some boots, but most of them were $20 and I couldn't see spending that on something she might not wear again.

Finally after much Googling, I found cosplayers making boots by taking shoes and adding stretchy fabric around it. Perfect! I bought these shoes just her size at Goodwill with a nice heel on them so I could wrap the elastic around it.

I used more of the leftover fabric from my swimsuit and her cape to make the leggings for the boots. I then sewed the foot part of the shoes to the leggings and added elastic that would run underneath the shoe to keep it attached but give some wiggle room for Olivia to move. I used spray adhesive on the toes to keep the fabric attached to the shoes, but have left the heels unattached so I can easily help Olivia get into the boots. 

I printed and ironed on the Supergirl emblem (I used iron-ons all the time for costumes). I also added some velcro on the back of the belt to keep it together after she puts it on.

And now we have a finished Supergirl outfit! Just need to keep her hair out of her face! Are you allowed to use hair spray on a 4 year old? Otherwise I need to find a cute hairbow to go with her outfit!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Star Trek Toile Tank (after failed attempt...)

DragonCon Countdown: 22 days left!!

One of the amazing fabrics I bought from Spoonflower was this Star Trek Toile that I wanted to use as an accent for a shirt. I bought some beautiful flowy fabric from Joann's that I thought would be perfect for making something similar to the picture on the right, but I was so wrong.

HALF SIZE its life jim but not as you know it

It was turning out atrociously, and then I accidentally cut through the fabric while cleaning up a seam, so I moved on.

I own lots of these tanks tops, and found a blue that matched the toile perfectly, so cut out the top of the fabric, adjusted the neck line to be a bit higher, and it turned out perfectly!!! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Olivia's Supergirl Outfit Started

DragonCon Countdown: 23 days!

I've been putting off making this outfit, thought it might take a while, or more likely, Olivia would change her mind and be completely uninterested in it by the time that DragonCon rolled around. But it was quick and easy so far, just need some finishing touches and she is adoring the cape!
I made a half circle skirt out of the same fabric I used for my Scarlet Witch and it hangs perfectly for her. I purchased the shirt from Goodwill, but it is a size 5T boys shirt so I took in the sides and the arms a bit. I attached the skirt to the shirt, making a dress she can slip on and off so there aren't multiple pieces to get on her like her Rey costume last Halloween. 

Too big shirt and skirt not attached

I then added the skirt flap and used the gold fabric from my Wonder Woman bathing suit to make the gold belt. As much as Olivia loves dressing up, trying to get her to try the outfit on each time I made an adjustment was difficult. She was really concerned with the pins in the outfit (even though I used safety pins with her) but in the end loved showing it off. I'm using fabric from my Wonder Woman suit for the cape and she loves it! Kept "flying" all over the place. 

Final touches needed: 
  • the Supergirl emblem (as Olivia reminded me several times)
  • red boots (I'm keeping an eye out!)
I'm glad she is excited about the outfit! Nearly ready for DragonCon!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Honeybee Shirt: Pocket or No Pocket?

DragonCon Countdown: 24 days!

Ok while not really DragonCon related, I used the honeybee fabric that I bought from Spoonflower to make a shirt for my Metro Atlanta Beekeeping meeting on Wednesday. With the colors I chose, it is also something White and Gold I can wear on game days for Georgia Tech!

Only issue is from the front, you can't see the amazing bee fabric so I'm considering adding a pocket to add a pop of color and show off the fabric. Which one do you like better?

I used two different styles of fabric to make the shirt, the off-white is stretchy and the honeybee's are just a silky faille (woven, not-strecthy). I'm not sure I would do this again, because I had to make some gather's in the back to make it look right. I'm still learning so much about sewing this summer. I'm still finding places I have issues: hems, collars, which stitch to use, which needle to use. 

Love the pattern on the back, not too busy for my normal un-patterned self!

I haven't sewed the pocket on yet and still have plenty of fabric to cut a more centered pattern, so pocket or no pocket? 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Working on Claire Dearing's Outfit

DragonCon Countdown: 25 days!!

While on vacation this weekend, I spent some time watching Jurassic World while prepping meals. I still love the original Jurassic Park best, but love the new movie and the music for it! Definitely one of my favorite soundtracks. I found the skirt, blouse and tank top for Claire Dearing's outfit at Goodwill, and made some adjustments.

Photo by Olivia
Slit with lining showing

I cut the fabric on a seam in case I want to reuse it again, it's a skirt that fits me well and I don't own any white skirts at the moment. The lining was showing, so I quickly sewed the lining back with a loose stitch and it works great!  

The picture below is with a stand-in purple tank, I have somehow managed to lose the one I had particularly for the outfit. Hopefully it is just somewhere in the house I'm not looking and I didn't accidentally donate it back to Goodwill... 

Edit: While getting dressed this morning I found the purple tank. It was in my bra drawer, not in the sewing room at all. Go figure :)

Found my tank top!
Wrong tank

I've been practicing with the shoes to get ready for DragonCon, Claire prides herself on being able to run in heels, and while I haven't achieved that yet, I'm getting more comfortable walking in them. It's fun wearing heels more again, Olivia loves them and calls them "slippers" like Cinderella's and gets excited whenever I wear them :) Still need to work on her necklace, looking out for a bar pendant for the necklace!