Friday, August 25, 2017

Rocket Shoes for Ms. Frizzle

DragonCon Countdown: 7 days!! Only a week away!!

For my original Ms. Frizzle Outfit, I purchased some cheap shoes from Goodwill to attach rockets to, which was a terrible idea. Cheap shoes for multiple hours at DragonCon meant I quickly acquired blisters and had to find bandaids which only slightly helped. This year, I decided to wear my heels that I've been practicing wearing all August and somehow attach the rockets without damaging the shoes.

My amazing co-worker Liz suggested I use some kind of clip to attach them to my shoes and I knew that Olivia's rubber covered hair clips would be perfect!

I quickly made some rockets out of construction paper and super glue, and can quickly clip them to my shoes!! 

I'm pretty sure at this point that the Ms. Frizzle costume is all ready for wearing next Friday at DragonCon! The schedule came out already on the app to all my fellow attendees, can't wait to see everyone there! Even if you aren't going to the Convention, consider going to the Parade Saturday morning at 10am, Olivia loved it last year! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Light Blue Clever Girl Shirt

DragonCon Countdown: 10 days!!

With this shirt I have used up the last of my fat quarters from Spoonflower and my favorite "Clever Girl" fabric. I had a hard time figuring out how to add this to a shirt, but I think it turned out very well!! The clever girl fabric is a silky faille and the navy blue is a stretchy thick Polyester. 

I was initially afraid that the faille would not be stretchy enough for the top and that I would have a hard time getting it over my head, but the navy stretches in all the right places and works together with it perfectly.

Final outfit for DragonCon during the day done and another classy shirt for work!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Dying my hair red

DragonCon Countdown: 11 days!!

So for DragonCon 2014, I came up with the idea of being Ms. Frizzle because of my frizzy hair, but had never dyed my hair before. I figured with my DIY mentality, I could dye it myself with box hair color, so I did.

These are some of the colors I've tried.

Very red! Using the Feria Deep Copper

Mellowed Copper

Some dark red color

Olia Light Auburn

Blonde, not a good luck especially cuz I didn't let it go long enough.

Loreal Light Amber Brown

I think this time for DragonCon I'm going to go with something a bit warmer than the Light Amber Brown (my current go to color) but not as insane red as the Feria.

Nice N Easy Born Red 6R
Hair before coloring
During, it always looks crazy red during

A bit darker than usual, but it's red!! So ready for DragonCon!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Olivia's Junior Jackets Dress

DragonCon Countdown: 14 days! 2 weeks!!!

For Olivia's birthday this year, my wonderful brother bought her Junior Jackets Club Membership. It means she gets a special shirt, a personalized badge, a Birthday Card from Buzz, some swag, and a free ticket to a Football game. 

When the package arrived with the shirt, Olivia was underwhelmed. As my observant 4-year-old pointed out about the shirt, "There are no Jackets on it". It does have a GT on the back, but without a Yellow Jacket, she just didn't think it was for Georgia Tech. It is also a Youth small, which means it comes down to below her knees.

Since it was long enough to be a dress on her, I decided to alter it to be a dress. I could have easily done a pillowcase style dress, but wanted to add some "Yellow Jackets" and found the perfect fabric for it. I made a raglan style sleeve (what a surprise :) and attached it, leaving the original neckline. I then added some elastic on the back of the dress until it almost reached the Junior Jackets on the front. 

I'm excited for her to wear it this season to a couple football games! Go Jackets!



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Butterbeer Ice Cream

DragonCon Countdown: 15 days!

Ok this is not officially for DragonCon, but getting into the spirit of all things nerdy. Sometimes on Thursdays at my work, I bring in homemade ice cream. I love making it for work because that means I get to try many different kinds of ice cream without it sitting in my freezer at home tempting me!

So this week I'm trying a Butterbeer ice cream recipe adapted from In Literature. Here are the steps I took, but feel free to take a quicker path if you would like.


  • 1 bottle Samuel Adams Boston Ale
  • 2.5 tbsp butter
  • ⅓ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • ¾ cup white sugar
  • 6 egg yolks

1. Decide to make Butterbeer Ice cream. Realize that you have no English Pale Ales and that you need to go to the liquor store. This is Tuesday but you don't make there then.

2. Wednesday afternoon realize that you don't have beer still and make a run to the liquor store while your mom watches the kids. Ask the guy at the store if they have any "English Pale Ale" and he Googles it on his phone and finds that Samuel Adams Boston Ale qualifies (I didn't even know they made an ale!)

3. Get home and start the recipe only to realize you have no butter and not enough eggs to double the recipe as you normally do.

4. Make a trip to Target for butter and eggs.

5. Start recipe by completely ignoring the instructions. Pour in all the beer at once with butter and brown sugar and simmer it down on medium heat because you are bringing this into work and it's beer...

6. Do not add pumpkin spice to recipe because beer+cinnamon=gross (IMO)

7. Whip up egg yolks til pale, then add heavy cream and sugar and add it to beer mixture to make the custard (FYI: all the best ice creams are really custards). Stir constantly until it coats the back of a spoon. Save egg whites for later to make these amazing meringues.

8. Stick custard in ice bath in the sink because you need it to cool down quickly and it is getting late and you still need to run it through the ice cream maker so it can freeze well overnight. While cooling, start writing the blog post about making the ice cream.

9. Pour the custard into the ice cream makers (if you have an amazing co-worker who lets you have his, then you will have 2 and can make double batches!)

10. Freeze overnight and put a note on the front door to remind yourself to bring the ice cream into work the next day!

11. Enjoy the ice cream with your adoring fans co-workers!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kaylee's Shorts

DragonCon Countdown: 16 days!!

Just this year, I finally watched Firefly. I had been reluctant to watch it because I knew it was supposed to be good, and it was so short. I did love it, and was so disappointed there wasn't more. I did watch the movie Serenity afterwards, and hated it (Eh, it just makes me angry to think about it!).

While most of the outfits in the show were pretty simple, I loved the dress Kaylee wore, and at one point considered making it for DragonCon, but decided that would be insanely ambitious. But I did find this awesome fabric on Spoonflower and thought it would work well for shorts! Spoonflower had a sale on Fat Quarters so I bought 2 fat quarters of the fabric in a canvas style to make the shorts.

Yes, Sir Cap   

Again, I attempted to make my own pattern by copying a pair of shorts that I own that fit me well. I cut the patterns a bit large just make sure I didn't make any mistakes, but it actually worked out well!

I used the lining from the jacket I cut up for Scarlet Witch to make the pockets. Made them a bit bigger than the pockets on my own shorts because it's always nice to have bigger pockets :) I found a zipper that was similar in color to the fabric and because I already have experience with zippers for the rocking chair I made for Rebecca, found it very simple to add it. 

Because I made the short patterns a bit bigger to begin with, at first there seemed to be a huge gap around my legs. I quickly took in the seam between the legs and that fixed it all!!

I was getting so close to finishing the pants and slowly running out of fabric! I then decided to use the fabric from the jacket to make the lining of the hem folds because it was a very similar texture!! Finally I had a finished pair of shorts!! I'm so happy with the finished product! I can't believe I made shorts. They are a bit stiff, but I'm pretty sure a run through the wash with fabric softener will make them perfect! So excited to wear these around, especially during DragonCon and maybe meet Jewel Staite!